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Well, then clearly I should be gay!

A nun in North Carolina is facing well deserved criticism from students and parents after holding an assembly on sexuality at Charlotte Catholic High School. In this assembly she told students that some of the reasons people “become gay” include having divorced parents, watching pornography or practicing masturbation. Now let’s face it, if this were […]

My Person of the Year . . . a mom with the courage to carry on.

Each year since 1927, Time Magazine has named a Person of the Year. For better or worse, from Adolf Hitler, to Barak Obama to Pope Francis, the magazine picks the person who has most influenced our world that year. This year, the third runner-up for the title was Edith Windsor. Edith was just a woman, […]

Veterans Day, From a Mother Who Lost Her Son to a War She Thought Was Over!

Last May, in a piece for Memorial Day, I told you about Sgt. Daniel Braun who, just the week before, had lost his battle with PTSD. Daniel was only 27 when he took his own life last spring, leaving behind a shocked and devastated family who loved him beyond measure.  Daniel served with my son […]

This Memorial Day, I would like you to remember . . .

Memorial day is observed each year on the last Monday in May to honor the men and women who gave their lives in service of their country. Originally called Decoration Day, it was first observed by various towns and states after the Civil War. In 1971 it was officially declared a federal holiday. This Memorial […]