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Well, then clearly I should be gay!

A nun in North Carolina is facing well deserved criticism from students and parents after holding an assembly on sexuality at Charlotte Catholic High School. In this assembly she told students that some of the reasons people “become gay” include having divorced parents, watching pornography or practicing masturbation. Now let’s face it, if this were […]

What kind of a parent puts a baby on a plane to Africa?!

Me, that’s who. I’m that kind of parent. Being a mother is damn hard. There is just no way to sugar coat it. Sometimes it just plain sucks! I’ve talked a lot to all of you about the challenges of parenting teenagers and then parenting/not-parenting adult children. But if you haven’t read any of those […]

Physical illness for women does not equal insanity, not in the 19th Century and not today!

“Mass hysteria,” that is the diagnosis that doctors have given a strange medical condition that has suddenly affected a dozen teenage girls in an upstate New York school, according to a report this week by MSNBC. Each of these young women is experiencing facial ticks, and uncontrolled body movements. Officials say there are no physiological […]