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Dear Twenty-Somethings: Pay attention, this is important stuff!

My world is full of twenty somethings. All of my children are in their twenties, both the ones I gave birth too, and those who just needed some extra mothering and spent some time living at my house. Many of my friends, co-workers and fellow students are all twenty-somethings. I may be pushing fifty, but […]

This Blog Not Intended for Use by Small Children!

It was with great amusement this morning that I caught up on my email, over coffee and leftover pie, and discovered a lovely note from a reader about my recent Christmas blog.  This particular reader’s beef with me had nothing to do with politics, religion, or how my feminist views were going to cause the […]

Veterans Day, From a Mother Who Lost Her Son to a War She Thought Was Over!

Last May, in a piece for Memorial Day, I told you about Sgt. Daniel Braun who, just the week before, had lost his battle with PTSD. Daniel was only 27 when he took his own life last spring, leaving behind a shocked and devastated family who loved him beyond measure.  Daniel served with my son […]

Parents, these are the moments that make all those other moments worth it!


The coffee is exactly the right temperature this morning, and exactly the right color. It is exactly the right flavor, the perfect mixture of bitter and sweet. And the smell of the air on this summer morning is nearly perfect as I sit here taking inventory of my life, the good and the bad, and […]

What kind of a parent puts a baby on a plane to Africa?!

Me, that’s who. I’m that kind of parent. Being a mother is damn hard. There is just no way to sugar coat it. Sometimes it just plain sucks! I’ve talked a lot to all of you about the challenges of parenting teenagers and then parenting/not-parenting adult children. But if you haven’t read any of those […]