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If money were no object, what would you change about your life?

Did you read the story about Jeanne and Robert Gagnon, the Maine couple who won $3 million in the lottery last month? They have been playing the same set of numbers for decades. The numbers actually came up once, in 1985. However, Robert had forgotten to buy a ticket that day and Jeanne has never let him forget […]

Sometimes the only reason no one is there to help is because we haven’t had the courage to ask!

I recently ended up in the emergency room with what turned out to be a bad reaction to a new medication. Apparently, when the small print on the bottle says to call your doctor if you experience things like dizziness and loss of consciousness, you really should! I am fine now, but the remarkable thing […]

Dear Santa: You wouldn’t happen to have any single brothers would you?

I know this is unorthodox and it’s not that we don’t all appreciate the gifts you brought last year, but several of my middle-aged lady friends and I were wondering if maybe we could get a little something different this year. You see, we’ve all found ourselves unexpectedly single again and well you seem like […]

Divorce, like marriage, should involve a fancy new dress, and cake!

Human beings are creatures of ritual. Rituals gave our human ancestors a sense of control over all the uncontrollable and unpredictable events; weather, illness, famine, death. Rituals couldn’t prevent the death of your child but they gave you something to do; a candle to light, incense to burn, a blessing to repeat, so that you […]