Well, then clearly I should be gay!

A nun in North Carolina is facing well deserved criticism from students and parents after holding an assembly on sexuality at Charlotte Catholic High School. In this assembly she told students that some of the reasons people “become gay” include having divorced parents, watching pornography or practicing masturbation. Now let’s face it, if this were […]

Nobody gets to have a say in the size of your family, least of all your employer!

There is a fabulous new BDN blog, launched last month, called “We’re {not} having a baby!” written by Amy and Lance Blackstone! Considering that I have had many babies, you may not think I would enjoy this blog. However, after taking Professor Amy Blackstone’s online class a few years ago, the Sociology of Gender, I became […]

If money were no object, what would you change about your life?

Did you read the story about Jeanne and Robert Gagnon, the Maine couple who won $3 million in the lottery last month? They have been playing the same set of numbers for decades. The numbers actually came up once, in 1985. However, Robert had forgotten to buy a ticket that day and Jeanne has never let him forget […]

College retention data lacks the reality of many Maine college students’ experiences!

Matthew Stone’s February 28th piece in the Bangor Daily “Is Michaud’s free sophomore year a good idea?” was rich with statistics, but unfortunately lacking the voice of real experiences from Maine students. To quote Gillian Jordan, Dean of University of Maine Augusta’s Bangor Campus, “The data used in Stone’s article comes from IPEDS, a national database […]

Dear Susan Dench: I’ve figured it out! You are secretly a Liberal aren’t you! ; )

  Dear Susan Dench: I’ve finally figured it out! You aren’t fooling me. You are secretly a Liberal! This is just an act, to get us to see the stupidity of ultra-conservative views! Phew! We almost believed you there for a minute. I didn’t realize you were Maine’s own Stephen Colbert! The pearls really made […]