In a perfect world – the day after the elections!

This is it folks, countdown to Tuesday and the elections of 2012. Predictions are running rampant but all we really know for sure is that some things will change, and some things will remain frustratingly exactly the same. This I can guarantee.

Just like life, you win some and you lose some and all you can do if you are on the losing end is keep on keepin’ on until the next battle.

So many people seem to be struggling. I know people have always struggled but it seems so much worse lately. Maybe that’s because at this age I have lost some of my youthful innocence and can’t even find my rose colored glasses. Or maybe it’s that things really are harder, the poor and middle class struggling in ways never planned on.

The elections will be over but all this won’t have changed by Wednesday. It’s a long hard battle that all of us will need to continue, will need to pay attention to. Remember, you need to let your senators, your congress persons and your city council members know what is going on in your community and what your needs and wants are.  You need to keep vigilant and make sure they are paying attention. Don’t just wait until another election cycle comes up.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to think happy thoughts.  While I know that none of this will actually magically all be better by Wednesday, I can dream can’t I. So if magic occurred, this is the world I’d like to wake up to on Wednesday:

  1. Not only will Obama still be my president, but folks will shut up once and for all about where he was born.
  2. Rush Limbaugh will have caught a case of laryngitis and will be completely incapable of commenting on election results for months!
  3. All of my friends in loving relationships will be able to get married if they chose to and it will be so wonderful that every other state in the country will want to pass marriage equality too!
  4. People will stop believing that sharing a Facebook post about kids with cancer, abused animals or soldiers overseas will actually save anyone and will get off their damn computers and go out and actually do things to help these causes! (See me if you need actual constructive activities for all of the above and I will gladly refer you to the appropriate agencies that could use your help).
  5. Ann Coulter – same as #2 above.
  6. Everyone will actually have healthcare, everyone.
  7. At least one of Mitt Romney’s children will have joined the military and his family will finally have some clue as to what words like honor and service actually mean!
  8. Everyone who wants a job will have a job.
  9. The American Dream! Remember that. How about if we wake up and it turns out to actually be true, all those things we told our children. How about if hard work and doing well in school really meant you could be anything you wanted to be!
  10. The VA will have magically gotten its head out of its ass and veterans will suddenly be able to easily access health care, counseling, and good paying jobs and will have stopped killing themselves in record numbers!
  11. Everyone who wants a home will have one and shelters will close for lack of business.
  12. Democrats and Republicans will realize that they need to work together if they are going to accomplish anything and will put all of their differences aside!

Yeah, I know, that last one was a stretch, but like I said, I can dream!

Karen Foley

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Karen Foley, has successfully been writing her blog for the BDN since May 2011. By successful, she means a few people read it, and she has not been sued, stalked or fired since starting it.