On being taunted by my Wii Fit!

I’ve been avoiding it since the holidays but I think it’s time. I need to get back on my Wii!

I’ve been putting it off because I know what it’s going to say. First it’s going to mention “it’s been awhile since we’ve seen you!” To which I will try to make some excuse about being busy over the holidays, completely forgetting that this is not a real personality. Then it will ask if I want to do the “body test” which involves being weighed. I will give in only if no one else is home because the middle of my living room is never the place I prefer to be weighed.  When the results show up my Wii, with its cute little walking, talking board, will most likely mention that my weight has increased a little since my last visit to which I will loudly reply “bite me!”

I know it can’t actually hear me but it makes me feel better. Then, just in case I missed it, or maybe to get back at me for my comment, it will show me a graph of my weight fluctuations over the past year illustrated with a big red ascending line. Thank you, I got it, thank you very much!

Then, I will move on to Wii Yoga where the young and overly-fit cartoon instructor will taunt me. Oh she tries to be encouraging sometimes but I don’t need her little comments like “you seemed to have a hard time with that one” or “you were a little off balance” as if I was completely unaware that I just fell over. She might mean well but I feel judged by her in her cute little form fitting outfit with her concave belly showing, seriously! Sure she can do every move perfectly because they drew her that way but she didn’t give birth to four kids in eight years did she! No she did not.

Can’t they make a version for us older ladies with an instructor in a pair of baggy sweatpants and an old t-shirt?  I need someone I can relate to a little. If those Wii folks are paying attention you would think they’d try to tap into this market. Maybe I’ll email them today with a suggestion, or maybe I’ll just call Central Street Yoga and sign up for another class; a nice gentle one for us fitness challenged over-forty folks.  You know, a class where everyone else is real. No one has a concave belly that was drawn in for them and if you fall over they are all polite enough to not mention it!


Karen Foley

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