Reflection on September 11 . . .

I wrote this poem several years ago for my son, my first born. September 11, 2001 was his 17th birthday. Sunday he will be 27. The events of that day eventually contributed to his decision to join the military, a decision that, very much like September 11, 2001, changed all of us in unexpected ways. My prayer is that those changes will eventually make us all stronger, wiser and gentler human beings. I have shared this poem with many of you before. For those who have not read it yet, I hope it speaks to you.
September 11
I will not continue to mourn this day.
I will not let it be clouded with grief and despair.
Instead, I will live if fully, I will laugh, I will love.
On this day, children have been born, first kisses
given, wedding vows exchanged.
On this day, there has been both laughter
and sadness, but life continues.
Those who are lost are mourned every day
By those who love them.
I will not continue to blame a beautiful, clear day in September.
I will not give in to hatred and revenge.
Instead, I will seek goodness and truth.
I will not give honor to those who serve sin
by remembering their names and their faces.
I will not memorialize their acts of evil.
Instead, I will keep in my heart the names and faces
of those who have been the victims of hatred, everyday.
Instead I will remember ALL those who have suffered
or died because of hatred and intolerance.
I will memorialize daily all those who have endured
prejudice, oppression, abuse and violence.
I will honor them by teaching my children love,
kindness, understanding and tolerance.
I will honor them by having joy in my own life and by
striving to bring joy to others.
I will not continue to mourn this day.
Instead, I choose this day to celebrate goodness, to seek truth, to rekindle hope.
Instead, on this day, I choose to live.
Karen Foley

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