And in other news, it’s really hot outside . . .

I live in New England, always have always will. New Englanders are a tough breed, the descendants of, the very epicenter of, the American Revolution. That being said, we’ve done an awful lot of whining lately about the weather, haven’t we?  Oh, I’m not pleading innocence here, I have done it myself. It’s hot. It is damn hot!

Since the days that it was directly linked to our very survival, the weather has always been a favorite topic of New Englanders. Our only food supply, our safety, our lives were vulnerable to a summer without rain or an early winter frost. So is it any wonder that even today, when there is nothing else to talk about, you can always count on New Englanders to comment on the weather. (Insert Maine or Bostonian accent here). “Sure is hot today, could use some rain.” “Had too much rain, could use a few sunny days.” “Looks like we’re gonna get us some snow.” “I don’t know about you but I’ve had about enough of this white stuff.” Then there is my absolute favorite; “looks like we’re in for a hard, hard wintah this yeah.”

Maybe the reason we never run out of comments about the weather is because it changes so frequently. If you are sick of one season, just hang on, another is right around the corner. Like death and taxes, in the Northeast you can always count on the fact the weather can and will, change again very soon. I love that. I love that we experience everything from blizzards to tropical storms. To me it says anything is possible, at any moment!

Isn’t this just a perfect metaphor for our lives? At least it certainly has been true for my life. There have been some gorgeous pleasant days and then there have been the blizzards, the hurricanes, the thunder and lightning. I wouldn’t have missed any of it!  Whatever the issue is, hang on, it will eventually pass. We can tough out any storm. Another clear, cool, sunny day is just around the corner.

Karen Foley

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